SUARA SURABAYA FM 100,55 MHz, had on air at the same time with the Total Sun Eclipse momentum at date of June 11th 1983 at hilly area 40th Wonokitri Besar.

SUARA SURABAYA is the first radio in Indonesia which is since its birth consciously apply ' Radio of News or Information' format and have motto as FM NEWS & MUSIK HIT.

Realizing consequence in applying 'Radio of News or Information' format from early its birth, that is by forming 'Editor Team' in 1983 and develop the 'Reporter Team' in 1987, Suara Surabaya finally formulated Interactive concept hence emerge the 'Editor of Interaktif Team or Gate Keeper' with the motto NEWS - INTERAKTIF - SOLUTIF.

In 2000, Suara Surabaya develop itself by entering cyberspace era : In the end of 2002 mossaik, a monthly magazine was launched wich contains informations and life style. In the middle of 2003 GIGA|FM 99.85 becoming the part of SUARA SURABAYA|MEDIA

On May, 3th 2004 at 00.00 WIB, Suara Surabaya FM 100.55 Mhz made a move the frequency canal become the Suara Surabaya FM 100 Mhz. Giga FM 99.85 Mhz also made a move to the new frequency canal : Giga FM 99.6 Mhz.


SUARA SURABAYA is the source of empowerment and society democratization through mass media activity keeping abreast of communications and telecommunications technology.

SUARA SURABAYA, mass media corporation which is undertaking to expand by reliing on the progress of communications and telecommunications technology.

SUARA SURABAYA, information epicentrum of Surabaya and East Java.

SUARA SURABAYA , carry out various empowerment process to the society democratization.

SUARA SURABAYA, the source of prosperity for entire employees element dedicated to progress for all.

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